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LIVE- Streamed Classes directly to you from our locations. On-Line Classes offer more flexibility for attendance times to suit your busy lifestyle, greater privacy when learning and are recorded for your playback convenience.

Attending a local Branch Club will give you great satisfaction as you learn whilst developing life-long friendships with like-minded club members Simply choose the location you prefer to train at knowing your progress is at the heart of every location’s team of professional Instructors.

Our Self-Paced Learning series of recorded curriculum enables you to develop your skills in the comfort of your home or office at the pace which suits you. With detailed explanations of every technique it offers a stand-alone learning portal or can be an invaluable resource to support the On-Line and Branch Club training programs.

Confidence to Defend Yourself – Great Health & Fitness – Strong Mindset
YOU! – A Black Belt in Life

Bushidokai Boxing & Kickboxing allows you to grow physically and mentally, gain confidence whilst learning to defend yourself.


Learn the art of Bushidokai Karate. Just starting or almost at your black belt? Everyone is welcome to join!


Take your martial arts to the next level with Bushidokai Weapons. Learning the sword improves heaps of other areas, try it and find out!

4 Weeks UNLIMITED Training + Uniform or Gloves – ONLY $39.95!
A great value way to launch yourself or a loved one into a great new Life


Shihan Glenn has also been very active in his personal chase for competitive achievement. He has been noted by Guinness World Records as the “World’s foremost authority on board breaking”. He holds the top 3 Guinness World Records for breaking pine boards including the ‘Most pine boards broken in 1 Minute” (359 Boards); a record which has remained unbroken for more than a decade.

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Bushidokai-Icon-World-Record Check out the full 2013 world record video here!


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We offer individual and group programs and packages to suit your needs including:

  • Group classes for several Dojo locations
  • Live On-Line classes for group sessions featuring our Instructor team
  • Private Lessons
  • Recorded Training Curriculum for self-paced learning at home
  • Personal Development Coaching.




Our Boxing curriculum will set you on the path to great self-defence while giving you a great upper body workout. Fast paced and achievable, everyone can join in regardless of experience level. The Bushidokai Boxing curriculum also offers a series of Grade levels to keep you motivated and developing your skills way beyond a boxing fitness program

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The Bushidokai Kickboxing curriculum will help you discover your inner fighting spirit as you develop within this world class program, all without the risk of excessive contact – Safely! An exciting and challenging curriculum will develop your skills through the grades all the way to Black Belt level.




We offer individual and group Coaching programs and packages to suit your needs including Personal Development, Life, Business, Leadership, Executive, Sports.
Every team has its challenges and team development is empowering your team with the tools and mind-set to readily engage each challenge without boundary.

Bushidokai-Icon-Ted-Talk Click here to see the FULL Tedx Talk!

Bushidokai-Icon-microphone Click here to see a Speaker Event by Glenn Coxan!


4 Weeks UNLIMITED Training + Uniform or Gloves – ONLY $39.95!
A great value way to launch yourself or a loved one into a great new Life

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