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Private lessons are a way of greatly accelerating your learning one on one with your Instructor.

Whether you need that little extra refinement on part of your technique, you’re looking to catch up on some missed class content, or perhaps you just enjoy having that focused energy which comes from receiving learning one on one, a private lesson can work wonders for your development and confidence.

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Our Senior Level Instructors bring a wealth of experience to the one on one space and relish seeing you really ‘get it’ during one of their private sessions. “There’s nothing quite like seeing a student grasp a concept and seeing their eyes light up with that Ahah moment” Sempai Ben

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As one of Australia’s first Martial Art schools offering a dedicated private lessons curriculum (since 1993) we 


certainly know how to drill down to identify gap areas to focus on during a one to one session: it’s one of our specialties!

We use the very latest in techniques combined with years of experience and we make the most of new technologies to zone in on your development needs.


Private lessons are available in isolation or in value packs if you’re looking for an on-going personalised development program to accelerate your learning.


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