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Self-Paced Membership


Bushidokai Karate Student Handbook

Self-Paced eLearning offers several advantages with the obvious being, the student’s ability to study at a time and pace convenient to their lifestyle and other work/life commitments.

Having spent many years working closely with Training and development departments within major corporate groups, with emphasis on technology driven delivery, Shihan Glenn Coxon has developed a unique level of experience in this growing learning medium.

Whilst it may have it’s share of critics, Self-paced learning of Martial Arts is here to stay and like many other activity based sports, with the improvements in technology, we are able to deliver a viable and effective program where you will develop your skills in Bushidokai and achieve levels of proficiency recognised internationally as amongst the highest standards.


How will the Self-paced learning program be delivered and what does it include?


Our eLearning portal will be delivered direct to your phone, tablet or other device making it easy to learn anywhere and anytime.  

You will have access to the complete Bushidokai Karate Curriculum and be able to progress through the 10 coloured (Kyu) grades until you reach your Black Belt in Bushidokai Karate.

Regardless of where you are (anywhere in the world) you will be able to work your way through the Bushidokai syllabus and submit for exams to grade in the timeframe suitable to your learning style. 

World Class Quality-

Our easy to follow video lessons are recorded with 6 camera angles, at 60 frames/seconds for detailed clarity and include some 3D footage. This allows you to view your learning materials with utmost clarity, from all angles and every section is accompanied by detailed explanation of every technique by Shihan Glenn Coxon.

Your Self-paced program also includes written curricular materials such as the Bushidokai Student Handbook to assist in directing your learning and reinforcing your capabilities.


Grading exams are conducted through several options. An examination (Grading) may take place on-line in a Live virtual examination session, or at an authorised Bushidokai International accreditation location/ branch school.

During the lower ranks, you may be offered a choice of submitting your recorded grading performance to be assessed by our Senior Instructors facilitated by following a set format for the assessment session as set by Bushidokai International. All advanced belt ranks will need to be assessed on-line or at an approved location.

All approved Bushidokai Karate grades receive their Grading Certificate issued by and signed by Shihan Glenn Coxon. 

Bushidokai Self Paced Learning 4 BUSHIDOKAI CERTIFICATE SAMPLE 


Why is Self-paced learning a viable option for Martial Arts?

  • Suited for all types of learning styles/needs. We all tend to have different learning styles and Self-paced learning is suited for all types of students. You may prefer to go through the content multiple times, resulting in more time needed to complete course materials, whereas some people tend to go through course content very quickly. In a similar way, the comprehension capacity of every individual is different with some students able to learn concepts quickly (perhaps based on previous experience) whereas others may need more time to understand the concepts and develop at their own pace.
  • Convenience. When it comes to eLearning, students can often find it hard to strike a balance between family/life commitments, work and training. It may be difficult to attend scheduled training programs due to overlapping priorities. However, with our self-paced learning program, you can learn anytime and from anywhere, whether you are travelling or at home. Recent studies on the efficiency of eLearning has demonstrated students are more likely to attend eLearning programs, with reduced the drop out ratio.
  • Cost effective.
    Self-paced eLearning does not carry the same costs associated with a bricks and mortar location and hence it is highly cost effective; in turn, can be offered at a much-reduced fee.
  • A great foundation to stronger understanding. Self-paced learning can be used either as a standalone styled learning platform or as a supplemental support for virtual classes or branch classes. When you or your Instructors identify knowledge gaps, you can review the content again until you have a solid understanding of the content. Also, sometimes students, especially introverts, may feel less comfortable when others are in the room for fear of being judged. This is understandable and one of the aims of our program is to instil greater confidence to overcome such fears as you develop your skill level. An eLearning environment offers a level of anonymity until such time as you have the confidence of performing in view of others.
  • Improved Focus. In a group class, some students become easily distracted by other students or in the case of a virtual class you could be distracted by family members/friends. Self-paced learning offers you the option to learn at times when there are no distractions, leading to a more effective comprehension of the learning.


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