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LIVE- Streamed Classes directly to you from our locations. On-Line Classes offer more flexibility for attendance times to suit your busy lifestyle and greater privacy when learning with many recorded for your playback convenience.


“I’m really amazed at how much work-out I’m getting in my own loungeroom. They’re fun, fast and a great way to learn!” – James B


Three V One x ShadowBox HQ20

Each Live Streamed Class is structured to include sections such as warm-up, work-out section, regular new learning materials, technique refinement with  feedback & revision instruction for your development.

On-line classes are delivered at a dynamic pace,
so you will be kept on your toes, enjoying a great workout whilst improving your cardio, learning and refining your skills on each session.


No Lock in Contract – Pay as you Go!

Bushidokai On-Line TrainingWe offer a variety of Live Streamed
Classes designed to suit your needs with 2 Membership Options

Option 1

UNLIMITED Branch Classes - Only $10/Week *

(Streamed Live from Shadowbox HQ by our team of professional trainers) 

Option 2

Master Classes - Only $10/Week *

(2 Live Streamed Classes per week by Shihan Glenn Coxon) 

* Plus Direct Debit Processing fee


Shadowbox HQ - OnlineOption 1 - UNLIMITED Branch Classes streamed live from Shadowbox HQ for only $10 per Week!

Jump into a “Virtual” Karate Class, Mums & Bubs Class, Shadowbox Class, Pilates Class to name a few. (Check out our Weekly Timetable on the Locations Page for times)

More than 10 different classes per week to choose from for less than $1/Class!

Great trainers, heaps of variety, tons of fun, plenty of sweat and a great way to get in shape, learn and discover the new you without the need to travel or leave your home; a real time saver!

Plus, when you book through our Member’s App, you’ll receive a reminder just before your class direct to your device with the Streaming link: CLICK and you’re in class!

Shadowbox HQ UNLIMITED Live Streamed Classes


(No up-front Joining Fees or Contract, you just pay as you go)



Option 2 – MASTER Classes streamed live with Shihan Glenn Coxon for only $10* per Week! (* Plus Direct Debit Processing fee)

Join in class with Shihan Glenn Coxon each week for a solid workout with a true Master. You’ll enjoy a great workout whilst learning valuable tips on techniques and training concepts including rarely seen techniques.

Glenn Coxon Master Class

  •  Includes two 40-minute Classes per week
  •  20 minutes of Martial Arts workout fundamentals to get you going
  •  20 minutes of technique workshopping to sharpen your skills
  •  Each session is also recorded and made available to view on-line for 1 week so you can review and practice lesson content

      MASTER Class - Live Streamed Classes



(No up-front Joining Fees or Contract, you just pay as you go)


Sempai Ben
With on-line classes options for every age and experience level, your class will focus on your development and maximise the value you get from each lesson by learning the curriculum material relevant to your needs.


A great way for all the family to stay fit and learn valuable self-defence and life skills together. Add Pic (attached)




On-Line Classes in Bushidokai


Live Streamed Classes also give you the opportunity to receive personal direction from your Instructor and the convenience of cutting down travel time, particularly valuable for those in remote locations where access to 
branch classes may be difficult.

They also offer a low-cost alternative to attending Branch Classes or for when you’re pressed for time to travel to class. 

Option 2
 – MASTER Class - Live Streamed Classes

(No up-front Joining Fees or Contract, you just pay as you go)


Reward Yourself!

Bushidokai Home Workout

Our great team of Instructors will bring you unlimited variety as you will have access to classes delivered by our team, ensuring each class is exciting and uplifting.

Every class will have you de-stressing, burning calories, learning new skills, improving your well-being and glowing with pride and confidence that you’re rewarding yourself with better health!

All you need is an internet connected PC, Laptop or Tablet device, one of our On-line memberships and you are ready to learn!  

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