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“Becoming a Black Belt means more to me than I ever would have dreamed possible; it’s truly is a life changer” Chris J


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Branch classes offer you the opportunity to learn in a safe and friendly environment with other members where you can build lifelong friendships and enjoy the feeling of belonging to a genuine family of martial arts warriors. 


We understand how starting something new, especially something like martial arts can seem rather daunting at first. Stepping into a Martial Arts school for the first time should be welcoming and an enjoyable experience and that’s exactly what we offer in our classes.


Whether you’re just starting out in the martial arts, or even if you’ve been training for years and are now looking for a new direction, we understand the challenges you face as you learn and we employ best practice teaching methods for all our classes to ensure you progress in your learning at the best possible rate whilst having a great time along the way.







Branch classes offer you the environment to develop confidence for both self-defence and life challenges through shared experiences.

Our group classes include:

  • Technique fundamentals development and combination training for Cardio, Strength and Toning.
  • Equipment training with pad work, bag work and target focus work to improve timing and endurance.
  • Partner facilitated learning to develop your reaction and reflexes, distancing and gross motor skills.
  • Stretching and flexibility exercises for increased mobility, balance and well-being.
  • Mindfulness through focused development of rehearsed physical forms indicative of the martial arts (Katas).
  • Self-defence scenario training to develop real world capabilities and a strong defence mind-set.

“I Love the Variety, no two sessions are the same and I’m loving the result in only a short amount of time!”
Kelly W







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Our Group Class Menu

Boxing Fitness Class – CARDI Class – TUPAC Class

 KAYNE Class -  MUMS & BUBS Class - Little Ninjas Class  Juniors Karate Class - Teens Karate Class – Adults Karate Class  Private Lessons & More

(See CLASSES page for a full description on each class type)

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Branch Membership options and class schedules may vary at some locations, so please check the Locations Page before choosing the membership best suited to you and check for our Special Offers

All Members have access to our powerful Bushidokai International Member’s App powered by ClubManager software and packed with features to help make your training experience all the more rewarding and enjoyable CLICK HERE 

With our Member’s App you can book/cancel classes, receive/send club messages, renew memberships, view video training materials and much more!


“Great atmosphere & trainers and the best part of it is no experience required!” – Christian K








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Not sure where to start?

Visit Locations Page for Branch Memberships and Special Offers

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