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Bushidokai Karate

In the global world of Martial Arts, Bushidokai Karate has built an enviable reputation for consistent quality across our students we have taught over many years. Quality which has been driven through an attitude of teaching and caring for each member student as an individual who truly matters. When you step into a Bushidokai Karate class you know you are going to learn, be tested and constantly shaped into a better version of yourself. 



  • Technique fundamentals development and combination    

     training for Cardio, Strength and Toning.

Bushidikai Karate Class

  • Equipment training with pad work, bag work and target

     focus work to improve timing and endurance.

  • Partner facilitated learning to develop your reaction and

     reflexes, distancing, and gross motor skills.

  • Stretching and flexibility exercises for increased mobility,

     balance and well-being.

  • Mindfulness through focused development of rehearsed

     physical forms indicative of the martial arts (Katas).

  • Self-defence scenario training to develop real world

     capabilities and a strong defence mind-set.

Little Ninjas Class

Bushidokai Junior Student

(Age 4-6 Years) – A sensible blend of early development martial arts skills combined with play-based activities to assist with gross motor development and co-ordination.

Martial Arts at this age is presented in a fun, safe and exciting environment; one where every class has memorable moments which help to lock in the learning.

Our Little Ninja teachers are specifically picked for their enthusiasm to help your child discover exciting new skills in a class with positive role modelling, reward and reinforcement and an atmosphere of shared learning.

Your child will excel in the Little Ninja environment as they learn, laugh, and leap their way to new skills and personal development whilst developing valuable early learning life skills.

Juniors Class

Juniors Karate

(Age 7-11 Years) – The Juniors Class offers the next level in your child’s development and realisation of themselves and how they learn and interact with other children and adults. As they develop their hunger for more knowledge and are well on their way to grasping the fundamentals of the martial arts, they are offered more challenging skills to take their development to the next level.

Your children will learn how to defend themselves in a safe and family friendly environment; one which instils the value of challenge and celebrates the success which comes from achievement through effort.

Junior members learn the importance of self-control, the value of perseverance and will enjoy the rewards which come from seeing their skill levels grow.

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Teens ClassSensei Ben Ilacqua and Student

(Age 12-16 Years) – Teens classes offer that much needed focus point at a time when children may be exposed to unwanted distractions away from the home environment. Martial Arts is well known for helping many children with increased focus and the self-discipline needed to study, leading to better academic grades and well directed guidance through these formative pre-adult years.

Bushidokai Karate also offers opportunities for your child to become involved in extracurricular development through activities such as our future leaders’ programs (learning to teach as junior instructors) and learning responsibility through the Junior Officials program at Nationally run martial arts sporting events.

Teens classes also give a great sense of belonging as your teenager develops life-long friendships with their martial arts buddies as they train together, grade together and share in each other’s successes.

“I can honestly say your Karate classes have been the best thing I’ve ever done for my kids. It has MADE them! I never have to worry about them as they are the most sensible kids I know of their age… Thank you!” – Sumr L


Adults ClassBushidokai Action 6

(Age 17 Years +) – Our Adults classes offer a true challenge in an environment of support without judgement.

Whether you’re just embarking on your martial arts, or a seasoned practitioner looking for a new direction, our classes will bring you challenges and rewards with the myriad of skills and training routines we offer.

The self-discipline you gain whilst training with your Karate friends will soon become one of your most valued life experiences; we know this, because we hear it from our students all the time!

Classes are run at a steady pace, allowing you to maintain a great workout tempo whilst focusing on continual upskilling of your techniques and routines.

With a mix of individual and partner based training, equipment workouts (Striking Pads, Mitts, Bags and Shields) as well as self-defence, ground defence, weapons training, trigger sparring, and much more, you will never be bored in our classes.


Bushidokai Kobudo (Weapons) ClassBushidokai Weapons Action 2

(Age 12 Years +) – Traditional Okinawan weapons classes, or Kobudo classes, offer a great extension of your martial arts development. We teach the traditional Okinawan syllabus for those students looking for that extra bit of spice in their training. Weapons classes are also considered to be very therapeutic as the focus required to handle this extension of yourself gives you an opportunity to leave all your ‘life-baggage’ behind whilst you’re engrossed with your training weapon.

We offer training in the traditional weapons: Bo (Long Stick), Sai (Trident shaped bars), Nunchakus, Tonfa (Police Batten), Kama (Sickle) and more. 

“I can’t believe how much this has changed my life for the better! I used to be so insecure and lacked confidence, but now I’m strong enough to take on anything I put my mind to” – Juanita H

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