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Boxing & Kickboxing Classes

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Few activities will compare to the cardio burn you’ll experience with a great Boxing or Kickboxing workout. Our boxing & kickboxing offers more than that, with a specific system of techniques, you can progress through the ranks towards a Black Belt in Boxing (or Kickboxing)

Whilst the Bushidokai Boxing and Kickboxing system uses a proven training syllabus which has produced numerous World Champions, our focus is on workouts, not whoopings. The only thing being whooped in our classes is the reshaping of you! Having an actual curriculum path to follow will help you learn as you progress through the 5 levels.

Boxing Classes

Suitable for anyone (Teens and above), our Boxing classes will give you a great feeling of achievement as you advance yourself into new levels of fitness, skill, self defence with a healthier body and sharper mind!

We offer a range of Boxing classes to suit every appetite. From fundamental workouts where you will learn the basic techniques to our intensive 12 round workouts; you can build your way up to a higher challenge as you shape up and sharpen up.

With great workout options to choose from and exclusive shock-absorbing Aqua bags* you’ll work your entire body as you punch, crunch and sweat your way through the rounds. As the lights go down, revealing our unique LED lighting system* coupled with a nightclub quality sound system that creates a high-energy environment, you’ll be sweating to the beat. (*Available at Shadowbox HQ locations)

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