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Bushidokai is a blend of martial arts reflective of the traditional techniques associated with most martial arts whilst incorporating a true warrior approach of using what works for the situation at hand.

That is to say, we don’t believe in doing something simply because it is traditional when the application has no relevance in today’s world.

The word Bushidokai is Japanese in origin, meaning a gathering (Kai) of those who follow the way (Do) of the Warrior (Bushi)


More than a martial art style or system, Bushidokai goes to the heart of what it means to be a modern-day warrior by application of an approach to life, its challenges and those we meet throughout our life. To this end, Bushidokai aims to instil self-discipline, an empowered mind-set, humility and yet high standards so we always grow as individuals whilst giving something back to our community. Part of our mission as instructors of Bushidokai is to always work towards the constant improvement of our students, physically, mentally and emotionally whilst remembering what it means to be a student, as we too strive to learn more skills for our students.

We aim to develop the skill set within our members to become Black Belts in Life, not just Martial Arts.

Established in 2000, Bushidokai incorporates the kicking and striking techniques you would expect to find in the traditional martial arts and then more as it also incorporates boxing and kickboxing. Being a blend of 9 forms of fighting arts (including Kenpo & Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, White Crane Kung Fu, Boxing).

Bushidokai offers a well-equipped arsenal to deal with any self defence scenario, whether it be stand up defence, close combat, ground defence and improvised weapons. Bushidokai also includes traditional Okinawan weapons for the senior ranks to expand their knowledge and skills.

The origins of Bushidokai (apart from the traditional origins) stem from 50+ years of development by the founder of Bushidokai International, Shihan Glenn Coxon. The Bushidokai curriculum was developed through expertise learnt from many styles studied by Shihan Glenn, including Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Ukidokan, Naha Te, Kobudo and the many talented Instructors Shihan Glenn has enjoyed training with over the decades.

Bushidokai International continues it’s journey to seek the truth in martial arts and to share with those who are like minded, from students of the martial arts looking for a strong, reputable martial arts system, to those Instructors and school owners looking to be part of a supportive, professional team of leaders who  remain passionate about quality through their martial arts.


The Bushidokai Logo

Our logo is a symbol of what we stand for and a reflection of our philosophy in how we approach challenges and obstacles. Whilst the logo has its origins in Australia, the philosophy behind the logo stands true internationally as we are all part of a global community of like-minded martial arts practitioners.

The first part of the Bushidokai logo: The Australian Wedged tail Eagle is regarded as one of the most majestic birds of prey in the world. The fourth largest bird on the planet (a wingspan of over 7 feet) and the National bird of Australia.

The Wedgetail Eagle retains power and command over its domain through constant diligence. It’s heightened sense of awareness of all that is its environment make the Wedgetail undisputed as champion of its territory, yet it only attacks when necessary!

The second part of the Bushidokai logo: The coveted Black Belt; regarded by many as the pinnacle of life as a martial artist, it is a symbol of Quality, Integrity, Honour, and Triumph over the self. A constant reminder set as part of the Bushidokai logo to remind the wearer they are part of the Bushido ‘Code of Honour’.

Some representations of the Bushidokai International Logo include a RED belt. This is used when presented by the Master Instructor of Bushidokai International, as the red belt is the highest belt rank worn by the 10th Dan level in Bushidokai.

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